The Seagull Has Landed!

Welcome to the greatest literary and cultural magazine ever to be edited by a seagull. Our first issue is packed full of delicious morsels, none of which are even slightly fishy – which did disappoint the Gull himself but I’m sure you’ll love them. We have the choicest selection of superlative literature available for your delectation and it’s all gratis! A gift from The Gull to you by way of thanks for the chips you lent me that time.

Some cretins have been questioning the value of the arts recently, even University leaders have been calling out the humanities to justify themselves pragmatically and vocationally. Idiots. I’m afraid their only interest is measurement, men and women of the scales – not those of justice but rather of the merchant or drug dealer, scales which convert things to values. They will never apprehend what the arts do. There is nothing in the arts to measure. So here is the creamiest crop of work from notable, well known and also upcoming names in the arts and humanities for free, uncharged so that we can all love the arts together. T.G.


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