Poetry ~ Joseph Minden ~ ‘Mine’

Joseph Minden is fast earning a well-founded reputation as a master poet and one who is unafraid of turning his honed and crafted style to longer form poems, an artform which is under-represented in our age of expediency, to say the least. We have two of Joseph’s poems for you to study and admire in the first issue of The Gull, we start today with a the spotlight on ‘Mine’. His rich mastery of allusion, heed of syllabics, etymological wit and spirited intellectual generosity are all welcome qualifications of the fundamental lingual éclat which is in full display in this impressive poem.

He writes almost ethically, with earnest care and considerations for the delicacy of form and poetic intuition, skillfully nourishing the shifting quintessences of his words with scholarly sensitivity. His devotion is palpable and goes some way to quenching a thirst long ensconced in The Gull for a poetics which is simultaneous skilled, sophisticated and also, most importantly, essentially and definitively, itself poetic.

Click here to read The Gull’s Poetry Donwload of ‘Mine’ by Joseph Minden


Joseph’s poems have appeared in PN Review, The Manchester Review, The Junket and elsewhere. He was part of the team behind The Polar Muse, a project commissioning poems for The Polar Museum in Cambridge, and recently completed a residency at The Koppel Project, a gallery, bookshop and creative space at 93 Baker Street, London. He regularly collaborates with composer Laurence Osborn and artist Kat Addis.

To read more of Joseph’s poetry and many other fantastic pieces of creative writing and cultural journalism please do download and read the full issue 1 of The Gull for free by clicking here.  cropped-gull-g-logo2.png





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