Rhys Owain Williams



The Gull is proud to present three poems by Rhys Owain Williams. Born and raised in Morriston, Swansea, his poetry has been published in various magazines and anthologies, and was recently featured as part of a permanent public art project at Morriston Hospital, curated by Art in Site. He is also co-editor of the magnificent multimedia poetry magazine The Crunch: crunchpoetry.com . Rhys’s poetry commandingly evokes unique tones and hidden atmospheres through subtle and inventive imagery; witty phrasing, and strong grounding in place.

Follow Rhys on Twitter @rhys_owain & visit his website at www.rhysowainwilliams.com 









To read Rhys’s work alongside many other works of creative prose and poetry as well as articles, reviews, interviews, photography and artwork, CLICK HERE to download the full pdf of The Gull Issue 2 for free! or read online by visiting our CURRENT ISSUE PAGE. 

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