Photography – Ian Kalinowski

The Gull is proud to bring you this wonderful gallery of photography by Ian Kalinowski taken in and around Tenby and Swansea.

Originally from Leicester, Ian now live in Cambridgeshire, he worked for many years as a high end commercial photographer and now focuses on his artistic talents. A producer of beautifully poised photographs, he elevates naturalistic subjects with intuitive yet precise framing.

He has a gift for capturing elusive moments and overlooked places where intense bursts of colour punctuates a tonally neutral surroundings. Often playing with the woman-made/environmental, through acute studies of space, form and shape, his work exudes joy, humour, & fondness for the overlooked, drawing enlightening connections with subtlety, parallels with wit. This fascinatingly diverse selection adds a welcome feel of serendipity to the narrative though which we come to see the topics.

If you want to know more about Ian’s work please email us: 

iAN Pone

iAN Ptwo











Click here to view or download the full 249 page second issue of The Gull with more superb artwork and writing.


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